Strategy and experience

APOTEMA GROUP: development, business, and operating results improvement solutions.

“They have gained experience and established excellent international relationships for three generations”


APOTEMA GROUP WORLDWIDE’s international experience is memorable and comprehensive. Since the early 1900s, the group has been studying and implementing development, foreign business, and performance improvement strategies and projects. APOTEMA GROUP's contracts, as well as national and international recognition prove its professionalism, reliability, and expertise.
Being part of APOTEMA GROUP is a source of pride, and offers a career and growth opportunity. Each manager, partner, entrepreneur, supplier, technician, consultant, collaborator is part of a team, a method, a belief, a hundred years of history: excellence, effectiveness, solidity, and sustainability in order to generate growth and widespread wealth.

APOTEMA GROUP is known as the only point of reference internationally.


“We contribute to your further development and improved profitability”


After more than 100 years, since the first study on foreign market sales in the late 1800s, APOTEMA GROUP continues to lead the way in terms of successful strategies and activities, even in complex markets.

Its memorable experience, constant research, extensive expertise, effective projects, international recognition, the management of Italian and foreign delegations, the special relationships established with governmental bodies, companies and institutions, are managed by more than 70 collaborators, consultants, technicians, teachers, and professionals from the world’s best economically performing areas, each giving their own contribution and making APOTEMA GROUP what it is today.
We believe in the type of success that rewards added value, creativity and perseverance.

“The World would be a better place if the healthy success accompanying other people's welfare prevailed”

Foreign governments and industrial giants have already chosen us, but we are proud that small and medium businesses and professionals, even with moderate budgets, have also opted for us. At APOTEMA GROUP, CEOs, investors, sellers, communication managers, and entrepreneurs find the solution to their needs and the opportunity to implement the projects immediately shaping their future.

“These successes encourage us to strive for excellence”